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  • All the hanging baskets are up and our volunteers will be out every evening with our two watering vehicles

  • The planters and window boxes around the town have been filled with colourful bedding


Wetherby in Bloom is a charity organised and supported by volunteers to make the town of Wetherby a nicer place to live. The hanging baskets, containers and well maintained public spaces help to give a warm and friendly background so that the town can attract the many visitors that may otherwise pass us by.

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Would YOU like to help?

If you enjoy living in a clean, colourful environment and take pride in your surroundings, we would like your help. There are many ways to help Wetherby in Bloom - for more information please click on the relevant button:

· If you would like to help ‘hands on’ you could be one of our much-appreciated Volunteers.

· If you would like to help financially, you could become one of our Friends.

· Or you could be one of our Corporate Sponsors.